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E-mail: mail[at]marcocostantino[dot]it
Skype: marco.kue
LinkedIn: marcocostantino
City: Milan

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Education & Formation


Diploma Industrial Engineer spec. Informatiion Technology

ITIS G.Cardano · Via Folla di Sotto, 1 · 27100 Pavia
Vote: 80 / 100

School Website July 2008

Preparation and achievement of State Exam for Industrial Engineer

ITIS Feltrinelli · P.zza Tito Lucrezio Caro, 8 · 20136 Milano
· Qualification to freelance profession of Industrial Engineer

Website November 2013

Enrolled in degree course "System security and computer networks"

University of Milan

University Website September 2016

Professional Experience


CTO, Full-stack developer

H2OSOFT S.a.s. · Via F.lli Cuzio, 10 · 27100 Pavia

My main work at H2OSOFT was to build and continually evolve the company's strategic technical direction. I was responsible for making sure the company continued to adopt the best available technology.

I was also the Project Manager and Main developer of these cloud softwares and web applications:
· Beta version of a multimodal platform (now
· E-Learning plaform (no more online):
The platform was built entirely from ground up, studying the infrastructure and the technologies to use.
To handle large video and document files we used Rackspace Cloud as CDN.
The backend and the website was written in PHP and the frontend with the support of Bootstrap 3 framework.
· Social Commerce (in private beta, restricted access to company owners):
This social commerce is a project to give customers a fully featured online store with social functions and users a personal profile with a live feed (like Facebook user profiles).
A newsfeed, system of like/follow, comments on stores and products and sharing on personal profiles.
Mostly built with CakePHP 2.3 framework, fully customized to work aside OpenCart (used to handle payments and the e-commerce engine).
The frontend was fully customized (without frameworks) served according to the device (desktop, tablet and mobile).
· Employees manager for construction companies (online, protected):
Development of this software started in 2009, is an application to manage the whole company.
Backend: Custom MVC framework
Frontend: HTML views customized for standard desktop devices with resolutions starting by 1024x768 to 1920x1080.
During the years i've been involved in several projects that allowed me to acquire competences in the field of performance optimization of web services and to study algorithms

· Social Feeds generation based on historical data
· Networks, load balancing and CDN related

As versioning control we used local Git repositories and the server version of BitBucket.
Agile tools: We used Jira for project management
Also HipChat was part of our internal communication system.

H2OSOFT Website February 2009 - August 2015
Qwerty Informatica S.r.l. · Viale Bligny, 15 · 20155 Milano

Development of Web software, particularly:
· Application for a client in chemical sector: planning, distribution and forecasting sales of products stocked in warehouse located throughout the country.

The algorithm allows to forecast sales of next year and how to displace the goods from / to the hundreds of warehouses of the company, to optimize inventory and shipments.

· Embedded solution for machines that sells tickets and railcards for a national trains company.

ETL development on Oracle and SQL Server platforms.
Universe management tool for SAP BO and reports creation.

Qwerty Informatica Website September 2015 - August 2018
Koronite OÜ · Sepapaja 6 · Tallinn 15551 · Estonia

CEO at Koronite, development of web/mobile games.
- Sports unit: Catenaccio FM, an online (web/mobile) football manager game.
- Interactive unit: Development of new game series set in Forbos world.
- Cloud unit: H2OCLOUD software intellectual property was transferred to Koronite.

Koronite OÜ Website September 2018 - Present

Personal Skills

Native language: Italian

Other languages:
Comprehension Speaking Writing
Listening Reading Interaction Speaking
English B2 C1 B2 B2 C1

Information Technology Skills

Database: Oracle 11/12, SQL Server, MySQL Server
Programming languages, Web and Scripting: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C#
Mobile: Build of native and hybrid apps (Android, jQueryMobile and Cordova)
Frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery, CakePHP, MVC5, DevExpress
Other softwares: Magento, WordPress, OpenCart, PrestaShop
Server: Linux server administration, Apache, Nginx
BI: QlikView, SAP Business Objects
Office / OpenOffice

Management and Organizational Skills

In my experience I acquired good ability in project management, planning all the activities of my team.
Good interpersonal skills with colleagues and clients, gained through management of internal clients.

Other Informations

Driving license: Cat. B · Car owned

Participation in groups and associations:
Since when I was at school I follow the Linux world in TiLUG (Ticinum Linux User Group) and I had the chance to enlarge my knowledge of the IT history in the retro-computing association ComPVter Pavia.

I participated to different hacking events: CCC2011 (Berlin), ESC (Verona), HackMeeting (Florence)